Six Reasons to Spend Your Summer Vacation Budget on SailTime

What could be more ideal than spending your summer on the water? Many families scrimp and save to rent a beach house for a week, sail away on a five-day cruise, or take a quick (but expensive) flight to a faraway lake resort. But, you can have all the benefits of a summer on the water — and spread out the fun this season — with a SailTime membership instead.

Here are six reasons why you and your family should set sail with SailTime this summer:When you’re on a boat, your kids and family will spend less time staring at their devices and more time talking and having fun with each other.You will have a much different view of your hometown on the water, so it will seem like a destination vacation whenever you set sail. You will get to know the scenic beauty and experience the great destinations around your local bay and harbor.Travel will be limited this summer due to the pandemic, so you may want to consider a staycation. Boating is a great option for those who want to feel like they are on a vacation without having to hit the road or take to the skies.Sporting events, concerts, and festivals have been postponed, and the practice of social distancing may stick around for a while. Boating is an easy out for anyone who wants to escape the crowds. It’s also a fun summer activity that isn’t canceled!Vacations don’t always have to take place during the summer. Most SailTime locations offer a one-year commitment, so you can have all the perks of owning a boat (without dealing with the upkeep) for a year. There are varying membership levels with SailTime. With a Classic Membership, you can flexibly use your boat seven times a month. A Lite Membership gives you three uses a month, while a Premier Membership gives you 14 uses a month. You can book your sail times consecutively for up to a full week out on the water.A SailTime membership will give you the opportunity to visit a nearby city with a SailTime location and spend the night on the water. You don’t even have to leave the harbor! Take advantage of this opportunity for an easy weekend getaway. Qualified members can access SailTime’s growing network of bases to sail anywhere we have a boat in the water.With a SailTime membership, every weekend can be a vacation! Explore the shores near you or experience your hometown in a new light on the water. Find your nearest location to learn about available boats and membership costs.


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