When It Comes to Buying a Boat, Going It Alone May Not Be For You

Stblog810 With that type of philosophy, SailTime removes the boat owners mantra: “The best days of boat ownership are the first and the last”. With the SailTime Owner Member Plan, every day can be the next best day of a boat ownership! When you buy a new Hunter sailboat and put it into your local SailTime fleet, we take care of all the “little things” that become a hassle and burden to owners who go it on their own. SailTime takes care of the mooring or slip rental, annual insurance as well as cleaning and maintenance. But that’s not all. In most instances, like in the case of San Francisco, who just signed an agreement to manage a new 2011 Hunter 36 that will be docked downtown at Pier 39; the owner will be paid a fee based on the number of Members brought onto the boat. This, in addition to taking care of all those incidental costs. As an Owner Member, you may choose to limit the number of Members so there is more time available for you to enjoy your boat. Or you can opt to have more members and earn more of the Membership fees. The choice is up to you!   We will help you secure financing and make sure the delivery and commissioning happens correctly and on time. All you do is show up with your sailing gear and have fun. It’s why our slogan says, “Your Boat is Ready When You Are!”   Many of our bases are looking to place new boats into their fleets this year. Why not stop by your local SailTime base and see how our program can work for you? We’ll show you a proven plan that makes us the world’s largest membership sailing company in the world. We have programs with Hunter sailboats and Rinker powerboats all across North America.

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