Why Spend Fortunes on Vacations When You Can Sail with SailTime Anytime?

Families often aim to take one vacation a year — and they may spend the entire year saving for the big trip. If you love the water, traveling to a five-star resort or taking a cruise may be appealing. With all-you-can-eat buffets, never-ending activities, and, of course, all that water and sunshine, what’s not to love? For one thing, the cost.

Even if the initial cost of a resort vacation is a few hundred dollars, once you add up all the extras (amenities, tips, and drinks), your vacation can cost thousands of dollars per person. Not to mention flights to and from the destination and any additional excursions or day trips. For the cost of a week-long trip, you can provide a fun and luxurious weekend getaway once a month for your entire family.A full sailing season at SailTime starts at only $6,000 a year. This gives you guaranteed weekend time every month on a luxury yacht. A SailTime membership is a great activity that you can share with your friends and your entire family. A family of four is much likely to spend more than that on a week-long cruise or by staying at a resort.

Having a SailTime membership ups the ante on what you may otherwise call a “staycation.” You don’t have to travel far and wide… just visit your closest port. You can stay overnight on your sailboat and get a unique view of your city, or you can take the boat out for an entire weekend and visit a nearby harbor.You are in charge of your SailTime adventure. You can pack your own lunch or visit a waterfront restaurant without having to worry about the cost of drinks adding up like you would on a cruise ship. You can also come-and-go as you please. Don’t worry, this ship won’t sail without you — you chart the course!

Being in charge of your vacation also means you don’t have to share it with anyone. As a member you will have exclusive time on your membership boat and you can take whomever you want on the water with you. This is a great way to escape the crowds, and you don’t have to worry about making awkward chit-chat with strangers at your dining table.It’s easy for kids to get distracted and for family members to go separate ways on a cruise or at a resort. On a sailboat, you will all want to stay together. There are no distractions on the water besides the water itself.

Sailing is a fun activity that you can learn together as a family. If you already know how to sail, it’s a wonderful hobby to share with your family and teach your kids. Sailing is a skill that requires teamwork and leadership and learning how to sail can help strengthen your bond as a family.

For the cost of a cruise, you can take mini vacations throughout the season, or even the year! With a SailTime membership, you can enjoy family time on the water as often as possible. Find your nearest location to learn about available boats and membership costs.


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