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SailTime Annapolis Expands its Fleet with Addition of Excess 11 Catamaran

SailTime Annapolis Expands its Fleet with Addition of

Excess 11 Catamaran

Highly Acclaimed Catamaran Available to SailTime Annapolis Members for 2021 Boating Season

 SailTime Group LLC, the world’s largest boat membership company, is excited to announce the new and much-anticipated Excess 11 catamaran named “Isa Lei” has joined the fleet of yachts available to SailTime Annapolis members.

The Excess 11, Cruising World’s 2021 Boat of the Year, is one of the smallest cruising catamarans capable of offering the thrill of sailing in a comfortable and efficiently designed space. Sailors and their passengers can live aboard while they explore some of the most remote spots in the high seas.

“We are proud to be the only boat sharing service in the world with an Excess 11 catamaran in its fleet,” says Todd Hess, CEO of SailTime Group. “The Excess 11 is a perfect fit for our members at SailTime Annapolis. Whether you’re a day sailor or you prefer multi-day voyages, this boat hits all the right notes.”

SailTime was formed to fulfill a need to make boating easier and more affordable. A pioneer of the sharing economy, SailTime offers its members all the enjoyment of owning a boat without the hassle and expense of maintenance and upkeep. The company has quickly expanded to more than 25 bases on three continents, including 22 bases in the United States, three in Europe, and four in Australia.

The Excess 11 is part of the new “Excess” family of catamarans from its parent company, Groupe Beneteau. Created to offer a monohull experience on a catamaran, Excess and its Excess 11 provide an affordable option at its size, specifically designed for sailors seeking the experience of hands-on sailing while still enjoying the comforts that come with a multi-hulled watercraft.

“Excess enthusiasts understand the DNA of our brand. Excess represents a spirited lifestyle and a modern vision of sailing,” says Fred Signat, Director of Excess Americas. “Thanks to its unmatched design and architecture, the Excess 11 is as fulfilling and enjoyable to live aboard as it is to sail. It’s a beautiful, simple, easy and comfortable boat.” 

Boaters will need an advanced sailing education and at least one year of experience with a 40-foot boat to qualify for use of the Excess 11 catamaran. Fortunately, SailTime’s Sailing Schools can help boaters of all skill levels as they prepare for their next adventure.

SailTime makes it easy for members to enjoy access to the fleet of yachts at each of its locations. Members simply log on to SailTime’s cloud-based scheduling software to reserve time on their chosen boat, either for a one-day or a multi-day voyage. Upon completion of their trip, they simply check out in the online application and leave the keys with SailTime’s team.

Learn more about sailing courses available at SailTime Annapolis, and how our first-of-its-kind boat membership program works.