SailTime’s Fractional Boat Membership is not your typical boat club. When you join SailTime, you become a member of a specific boat, with only a handful of other members who share your love of being on the water.


Earn generous income while you sail with SailTime’s innovative Yacht Management Program. SailTime is the only ownership program that provides guaranteed sailing every month without sacrificing the potential income your boat can earn.


Sun Odyssey 440 anchored in a cove while a couple enjoys the environment.

Go sailing with SailTime in your local waterway or around the world at any SailTime location with SailTime PLUS. With over 35 locations worldwide, SailTime members have access to over 100 boats at some of the best sailing places in the world.

Go Sailing with SailTime and Sail It Like You Own It!

Boat Sharing is the newest trend on the water. Local News Anchors in every city are taking to the airwaves to talk about the sharing economy and SailTime’s innovative Fractional Boat Club program.

SailTime Spotlight

5 Surprise Benefits of a SailTime Boston Membership

SailTime offers new boats, lots of opportunities to get on the water, great locations, scheduling flexibility, and more… but membership can be even better than what it looks like on paper.

Want to learn how to sail? We’ve got the tips you need to get started

Winter is finally over, and the weather is perfect to smell the fresh breeze and go sailing with friends and family. Or better yet, learn how to sail and take control of the helm! 

Essential Boating Industry Tips for Beginners

Sailing is a beautiful pastime that provides you with sun, fun, and loads of memories. It’s also a hobby that’s been inaccessible to many people in the past.

Northern SailTime Bases Shift Gears During the Winter Months

With the winter season in full force across the U.S., SailTime base owners in the Northern States are fully engaged with their off-season activities.