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The enticing waters of Galveston Bay draw boaters from across Texas and nearby states. With weather that’s perfect for sailing year-round, SailTime Houston offers members the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city.

What is the history of sailing in Houston?

Houston is the third largest boating community in the United States. We have a vibrant recreational boating community as well as a very strong racing community. The first yacht club opened near Houston more than a century ago, and sailing has been a popular sport in the area ever since. In fact, SailTime Houston was the second SailTime base in the world when it opened in 2002.

Why do people like sailing in Houston?

People enjoy sailing in Houston because it’s a great getaway from the rat-race. Houston is a very industrial metropolitan community, so being able to unplug and spend time on the water is very relaxing. Galveston Bay is extremely convenient to all the metro centers in Texas. In addition to local members, SailTime Houston has members from Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio as well as members from as far as Oklahoma and Louisiana. Galveston Bay is surrounded by a border island, which makes it a safe harbor for sailing. The weather is highly conducive to year-round enjoyment of boats.

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Tell me about SailTime Houston and the team

SailTime Houston is run by Evan and Amanda Macaluso, with help from their sons and daughter. Evan grew up sailing (he learned to walk on the docks at the Seabrook Sailing Club), and he has been sailing on Clear Lake and Galveston Bay his entire life. His parents were both competitive sailors, so Evan and his brother were born into a sailing family. Evan was a competitive sailor by the time he was seven years old, he got his captain’s license at 22, and he has been a professional skipper in some capacity since then. Evan started sailing professionally about 13 years ago, and he bought the SailTime Houston franchise about four years ago.

Evan’s wife Amanda, on the other hand, grew up dreaming of a life on the water. Amanda is from Joshua Tree, California — the middle of the desert. She always hoped she would find a husband with a boat, and she married a guy with a company full of boats! SailTime Houston is a family-run operation, owned by a family with a passion for sailing. Evan and Amanda’s children help in the summer with docking the boats, cleaning, and maintenance. They eat, drink and sleep boating.

In addition to the Macaluso family, SailTime Houston has a professional maintenance and cleaning staff. The company has nine fully licensed and certified Coast Guard captains. Members can learn from them in a class or hire the captains to take them sailing. SailTime Houston is open 365 days a year, and winter is often considered the best season! When it’s cold in other parts of the country, SailTime Houston members can hit the water.

SailTime Houston is a full accredited ASA sailing school and its curriculum includes everything from beginner to advanced open-water cruising. While other sailing schools in the market teach students on older or smaller tiller boats, SailTime Houston offers an experience on brand-new, modern yachts with all the modern amenities. It’s a safe environment where future sailors can learn on the same types of boats they would either buy themselves or charter in the Caribbean.

Can you tell me about a feature member and/or owner member?

SailTime Houston is proud of all its members. All the member-owners started out as members first, sailing for a year or two before buying yachts.

Paul Britton was a member when SailTime Houston first started. He started as a casual member and eventually became a classic member. He became a member-owner when he bought a Jeanneau 379 for the fleet. Paul pursued and achieved his captain’s license as well as an ASA instruction certificate, and is now one of SailTime Houston’s busiest sailing instructors. Many of SailTime Houston’s member-owners have gone on to do the same thing.

The franchise has a very vibrant membership base, with over 40 members. They not only enjoy time on their boats, but they also participate in local regattas, flotillas, and other community events like dock parties, luaus, and weekend junkets. SailTime Houston encourages its members to do overnight trips to one of over 30 different destinations in the Galveston Bay area. SailTime Houston also encourages its members to participate in the popular Rum Race on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

What boats are in the SailTime Houston Fleet?

SailTime Houston is located in beautiful Watergate Yachting Center, one of the premier marine areas in Houston. With six boats in its fleet, SailTime Houston has grown to become one of the largest franchises in the SailTime company.

For more information, contact [email protected], call 713-819-7327, or visit them ar SailTime Houston. Also, follow them on Facebook for exciting updates at

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