Founder Unveils Sail Around the World

It was December of 2010 when the idea was born. I was standing in a conference room with our Base Owners and Base Managers at a hotel in Miami. We were just around the corner from the marina where our SailTime Miami fleet of boats is moored. Among the many business topics discussed that day was a brainstorming session around what to do to celebrate our 10th anniversary, which was when I blurted out – “Why don’t we sail around the world?” The immediate response was a favorable one from the group and the idea made it on to the list of things to explore after the meeting. It was a novel idea! It was big, bold and something we could accomplish; involving our members while also highlighting one of our key differentiating factors, which is our network of bases. This is something that no single sailing company in the marketplace can touch! We also have over 20 ASA sailing schools in this same network, consistently ranked among the best, which again, no one else can touch.


We have developed this idea into the program that we have just recently launched. Our unique “Sail Around the World” program offers up a new event at a new location each week or so during the entire 2011 boating season. Having started recently in Boston, MA over the Memorial Day weekend, events will unfold across North America, Europe and will wrap up in October in Tasmania off the coast of Australia. We will be updating our progress on our global event map for our followers.

As part of the celebration we have partnered with Ocean Conservancy to raise awareness for ocean and waterway conservation. It’s a great way for us to give back and help to preserve the local waterways our SailTime members enjoy and use every day. You too can be a part of helping Ocean Conservancy. Please feel free to donate to their worthwhile cause.

SailTime Members will add their “footprints” to this magnificent journey as they participate in each leg. Our Member community is an integral part of the “Sail Around the World” initiative. We look forward to the participation and engagement of our members, their families and friends. We look forward to them helping to share their experiences and adventures with our ever growing social community, the marketplace and the world!

As I type this we are finalizing press releases, launching informational and donation webpages, gathering stories and photos to share from the first couple of sailing events, preparing messages to all of our members worldwide and actively participating in “getting more people on the water.”

We are all excited about the season that is now upon us and especially about the reports from all over the base network that many boats are booked to capacity and many bases are looking for boat owners. To satisfy the waiting list of those who want to be SailTime members we’ve created an incentive for new boat owners which also commemorates our 10th anniversary. This Dream Boat special provides a free $10,000 upgrade on boats added this season.

As the Founder of SailTime, I am excited about the “Sail Around the World” program and look forward to seeing it gather momentum as the season unfolds! I have had the idea of this notion of “sailing around the world” on SailTime boats for quite a while. I am excited that the business that our team has built over the course of the last 10 years is able to execute such a program. I wonder what the next 10 years has in store and what future “Sail Around the World” programs will look like? I’ll look forward to seeing how it develops!

Fair Winds,

George Bonelli

Founder & Chairman

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