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Bay Area SailTime Franchisee Takes Passion for Teaching Sailors to YouTube


Bay Area SailTime Franchisee Takes Passion for

Teaching Sailors to YouTube

Keeping with SailTime’s Tradition of Making Sailing More Accessible, Franchisee Lisa Chapin Publishes Educational Video Tutorials for Sailing Enthusiasts

Captain Lisa Chapin puts her passion for teaching people how to sail to work every day as the owner of SailTime San Francisco in California. Now she’s using her YouTube Channel to give her audience instant access to her lessons and knowledge. The effort supports her mission of making sailing more welcoming to newcomers and drives interest in SailTime’s unrivaled boat sharing program. 

A lifelong student of the seas herself, Lisa began her journey with SailTime more than 15 years ago as a SailTime member in Austin, Texas.

“I grew up sailing with my dad on smaller boats,” says Lisa. “About 15 years ago, I found myself wanting to learn to sail larger yachts, and a friend told me about SailTime.  I became a member, and that membership gave me the resources and knowledge to sail around the world for three years.  What I love about sailing is you’re never done learning. It’s a lifelong adventure.”

For Lisa, sailing has also become the career of a lifetime.  After sailing the world, life and work took her to the Bay Area.  When she heard SailTime was looking for a franchisee in the area, she knew it was time to leave her job in business development to run SailTime San Francisco. 

More than a decade later, she oversees a fleet of six boats shared by dozens of members, manages an American Sailing Association Sailing School, has a 50 Ton Masters license from the U.S. Coast Guard, and has a broker’s license to sell yachts, among other seafaring accomplishments. 

Her mission as a dedicated teacher and passionate sailor is to break through the barriers that keep people from learning the sport, and her YouTube videos provide immediate access to helpful lessons for those eager to learn.

“I tell people sailing is like learning to drive,” Lisa says.  “You aren’t scared to drive now, but you probably were once.  Just like parallel parking, you become comfortable docking a boat with practice.  SailTime gives you that opportunity to grow no matter how long you’ve been boating.  It will make you a better sailor, as boat membership allows you to focus on learning and enjoying the water, instead of stressing over boat upkeep and maintenance.”

Unlike your typical boat club, SailTime members have monthly access to the same boat for an affordable fee, and they only share the vessel with a handful of other members.

What is SailTime?

  • With a fee that starts at only a few hundred dollars a month, SailTime members can conveniently schedule blocks of time on their boat online. They enjoy a new model sail or powerboat without the commitment or expense of ownership. The membership fee includes the cost of insurance, marina fees, and maintenance.
  • Boat owners can offset the cost of ownership by adding their boat to their local SailTime fleet, allowing a handful of members to use the boat each month. The base manager will handle regular maintenance, preventative care, and repairs. Boat owners are guaranteed monthly usage of their vessel and enjoy all the benefits of boat ownership without the hassle.


Boaters can find SailTime San Francisco at 3300 Powell Street in Emeryville, California. Visit to learn about membership availability and view boats in the Bay Area fleet.

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