The Hunter Marine Knotline blog provides more details on boats in the SailTime fleet

Hunter Marine’s blog called “Knotline” has some good content including boat details, video of demos, personal interest stories, and many other topics of interest for our SailTime members and prospects.  You can gain access to the blog at this link here and spend some time catching up on some of the latest and greatest about some of the best built production boats in the world.

These Hunter mid size keelboats have stood the test of time in the SailTime fleet and continue to perform at exceptional levels.  Our boats and owners receive awards about the shape their boats are in from local yacht clubs and the satisfaction levels are extraordinary with our owners and members at our bases across North America.  Come see where we have locations and learn more about SailTime.

Thank you for your interest in SailTime and we look forward to serving your needs and getting you on the water with your friends and family as soon as possible! Get more info now to learn about joining SailTime in your local area. You are on the right track to an Easy, Affordable and Smart way of getting on the water!
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