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A Message from our Founder:

George BonelliHello, I’m George Bonelli, Founder of SailTime. I would like to thank you for your interest in the SailTime franchise opportunity.

I have spent the past 20 years developing programs that solved problems for customers. When starting SailTime back in 2001 I worked hard on solving a problem for myself. I wanted a convenient and smart way to have a boat that I could use that did not carry with it all the cost and hassles.

I have always been an avid boater and have kept my eye on trends and watched for ideas that met consumers’ changing needs and desires. When we created the seed of the SailTime concept I knew we were on to something that had the possibility of changing an industry.

The booming demand for Easy, Affordable and Smart ways to get on the water seems indisputable. And the validation of our innovative, membership-based approach comes from the most important source of all: the 1000+ enthusiastic, paying members who are leading happier, healthier and less stressful lives thanks to SailTime. We are looking for the right people…individuals and groups with the resources, vision and dedication to excellence it will take to introduce the exciting SailTime concept to their market.

If you think the SailTime franchise opportunity might be right for you…and that you might be right for SailTime…please fill out and submit our confidential information request, or just give us a call with any questions today. Click here to research locations.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,
George Bonelli
Founder SailTime Group

A Business for You

Power BoatWith SailTime your dream to combine your passions of boating, being on the water and flexing your strong business background is now within reach. SailTime is the most exciting Franchise business opportunity in the boating industry in the past 10-20 years. As a SailTime Franchisee you will enjoy a challenging and rewarding lifestyle.

  • Do you have a Vision for building a successful boating business in your local area and waterway?
  • Do you have a passion for the water and boating and the lifestyle that goes with it?
  • Do you have the entrepreneurial talents and Sales and Marketing background that is required to build a successful business from the ground up?
  • Do you have the time and/or flexibility in your schedule to be able to focus your energies where they are necessary to start a successful business especially in the start up phase?
  • Do you have access to seed capital for operational and marketing budgets to start a new business?
  • Do you have sufficient credit to finance your business’ first boat?

We have made the process of starting a SailTime business as straight forward and easy as possible. We provide you with the tools and knowledge you will need to get started. We work with each our new Franchise candidates in person, on the phone and collaborative via on-line tools.

SailTime takes care of most of the logistics so you spend your time marketing your business and building your member base. You don’t need an office or large staffs, a SailTime business can be run from your home office and then can grow and flourish from there.

SailTime is not a get rich quick scheme. SailTime is a Franchise business opportunity that requires hard work and investment, but allows you to be your own boss and provides the opportunity to make your escape from the corporate world.  What SailTime has waiting for you is a rare opportunity to be a an industry leader in a growing business that is financially and personally rewarding, challenging, exciting and fun. Our program is not suitable for just anyone that wants a new way to get into a boat. Our program is for serious business professionals that want to build a business.Successful SailTime Franchisees are committed to providing the most professional service possible to our members. They are friendly, neighborhood based, business-oriented people with a desire to serve the local boating public.Our SailTime Franchisees have a commitment to Customer Service and excellence that is second to none in the boating industry. Our commitment to the boating industry is to be the Starbucks of boating and we are well on our way to achieving this lofty goal. Do you want to join our team?

Most businesses require a huge capital investment. With SailTime, you can build your fleet using the Owner Member Programs, i.e. other people buy the boats and you simply sell memberships into each boat. You’ll still need to provide initial capital but you can easily build a large fleet without the levels of capital required from many other business.

The SailTime business model is rare since it does not require long term leases of space, labor investments, large inventory and equipment expenses. Talk to one of our SailTime experts and find out how SailTime is a winning proposition for all involved.

Please take the time to thoroughly review this website, it provides a wealth of information on our programs and how the business works.

Once you are familiar with our business, take some time and decide if this is something you want to pursue, if it is please fill out our information request form.

Franchise Training and Support

Sail BoatSailTime provides a refined and structured approach to building this business based on several years of real experience. We bring many benefits to an entrepreneur ready to take on this opportunity.

Below is a list of just some of the benefits we provide to you.

  • Brand awareness and recognition that leads the industry and is now world renowned.
  • International presence and a broad network of bases that even your membership can leverage to enjoy boating all over the world which creates a high barrier to entry for competition and also offers a product no one can match.
  • Pioneering and refined Business Model accompanied by a thorough Operations Manual
  • Access to a network of like minded business people running there own SailTime business
  • National, Regional and local support
  • Technology and Intellectual Property that was developed here : Scheduling software and Ettendant
  • Comprehensive base owner training program
  • A significant path of growth that includes new and exciting product offerings
  • Professional Website
  • A secure portal that you use to operate your fleet, maintenance, members, owners, etc. All the tools you will need to manage your business are built in to our support and backend software.
  • Professional Print and Web Marketing Materials
  • An exhaustive and simple to follow marketing plan refined and tested in North America and Europe
  • Partnerships with major manufacturers and other industry leaders
  • Startup and Operational support
  • All legal Agreements
  • Member Manuals
  • Promotional Materials
  • Insurance programs with leading Insurers
  • Vessel financing program with leading national and regional financing companies
  • Experienced Management Team

SailTime Franchise Opportunities

From its inception, the SailTime concept was designed to be a great business to own. As a SailTime franchise owner, you’ll enjoy a number of advantages, including:

A Truly Unique Approach to the fractional boating business

When you become a SailTime franchise owner, you are joining the team that pioneered membership-based fractional boating products. SailTime is committed to maintaining its position as the innovative leader in this industry in the marine marketplace.

Attractive Membership Pricing Structure

Providing attractive membership pricing in exchange for an ongoing monthly membership fee is one of the key innovations of the SailTime concept.

The membership fee and automatic payment structure is designed to encourage ongoing member participation and visits, a steadier, more predictable sales cycle and to reduce administration time and billing time.

Aggressive Marketing Programs

SailTime and its individual locations deploy energetic marketing programs designed to attract first-time and experienced customers, to establish a strong referral network and to encourage high client usage and retention. Tactics include, website, PPC, SEO, email marketing, direct mail, print, public relations, phone directory, word-of-mouth, boat show and open house campaigns.

Fully Computerized Operations

While sailing and boating may be an ancient art, our back end and support system is state-of-the-art. SailTime customized management software helps coordinate all aspects of the business, from fleet operations, member scheduling to membership and sales tracking to financial management and reporting.

Multiple Revenue Opportunities

In addition to potential membership and core service fees, SailTime has created and continues to develop new and improved products that maximize sales through additional potential revenue centers.
Please see our site for existing products as upcoming products we will not mention here.

Our Technology leads the way

Power BoatSailTime has made a substantial investment in scheduling and monitoring software. This software is the key to your success and makes it simple for you to run the business and effortless for members to gain access to their boat. Three major tools combine to create the unique SailTime experience:

The SailTime Scheduler

  • Allows members to schedule their sailing slots on-line and in real-time without your intervention or need for review. They can swap schedules amongst themselves, create wait lists and confirm or cancel their reservations on-line.
  • Is programmed to insure that all members receive a fair share of the available weekdays, week evenings, and weekends including public holidays.

The system drives reminders and notifications automatically via email. You don’t have to be involved.

The SailTime E-ttendant

  • Aboard each boat is an on-line real-time check in-checkout system utilizing a hand held PDA device.
  • When the Member comes on and leaves the boat they inventory predetermined important items on the boat with the PDA.
  • If an item is not in place, not clean or needs attention they simply check the appropriate box. The previous Member to use the boat is instantly sent an automatic email describing the discrepancy and, if attention is required, an email is generated to you. Thus, Members are electronically trained to leave the boat in perfect condition and you only visit the boat when you must.

SailTime EttendantYou know the boat’s condition at any one time. For example, if the fuel level is below half, the Member checking in or out will check the appropriate box. You are automatically sent an email prompting appropriate action.

The SailTime online quality survey

Periodically, your Members are required to check a series of boxes that pertain to how they feel about the boat and the service. This gives you ability to determine how to provide the best service to your Members.

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