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Why Spend Fortunes on Vacations When You Can Sail with SailTime Anytime?

Even if the initial cost of a resort vacation is a few hundred dollars, once you add up all the extras (amenities, tips, and drinks), your vacation can cost thousands of dollars per person. For the cost of a week-long trip, you can provide a fun and luxurious weekend getaway once a month for your entire family. A full sailing season at SailTime starts at only $6,000 a year. This gives you guaranteed weekend time every month on a luxury yacht. A SailTime membership is a great activity that you can share with your friends and your entire family.

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Six Reasons to Spend Your Summer Vacation Budget on SailTime

What could be more ideal than spending your summer on the water? Many families scrimp and save to rent a beach house for a week, sail away on a five-day cruise, or take a quick (but expensive) flight to a faraway lake resort. But, you can have all the benefits of a summer on the water — and spread out the fun this season — with a SailTime membership instead.

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How the Boating Industry is Adapting to the Sharing Economy

Sharing companies, like Airbnb, UBER, Zipcar, and SailTime, have changed the way goods and services are provided and consumed. These platforms bring in a new market of owners who plan to share their assets to generate revenue. They also provide consumers a first-class, ownership-like experience for less cost than the traditional buy-it-to-use-it norm.

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Three Steps to Take the Helm and be a SailTime Skipper

The mystery of the sea has been calling to sailors for thousands of years. These dreams are fueled by watching sailing races, hearing stories of friends’ sailing adventures, catching a glimpse of sailboats in the background of a movie, driving over a bridge on your way to work while seeing sails gliding in the breeze, and, of course, from your first time on a sailboat!

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The 10 Coolest Dockside Restaurants To Visit On A SailTime Boat

As we dream of setting sail for the 2020 boating season, our thoughts also wander to the many dockside restaurants you can get to on a SailTime boat. Sure, many argue sailing is more about the journey than the destination. But, when your destination is a dockside restaurant that promises good food and fun, that can make the journey even more enjoyable.

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